Friday, April 25, 2014

Drops, Drips, Dots and Doodling with Alcohol Inks

Sometimes it is just fun to play with a medium, I created this painting by choosing three colors , Wild Plum, stream and sunshine yellow, and then putting different size drops of the colors on a piece of paper, spritzing with alcohol, more drops, splattering alcohol, then splattering ink, playing with a small brush loaded with alcohol thinking flowers shapes, picking up the paper and leaning side to side then up and down and generally just seeing what the inks will do. After I let it dry I lifted more flower shapes with alcohol on a small brush and paper towel,  a blender pen and a small Qtip and finally I connected it all with random flower shapes outlined with a gel pen. Happy Flowers! Try it yourself!

"Art is an act of the soul, not the intellect" Julia Cameron


  1. This piece is so well done and I love the flow, Teri. How big is it? Yupo? Any particular brand of gel pen? What "blender pen" do you use? I'm impressed with your work. :-D

  2. P.S. Why is there no place to sign up to follow your blog?

  3. Hmm. Sandy I will try to figureout how to get people signed up for my blog, I am new to this..It is a small painting, I was doing a demo for a friend so it is only 3x5.. I use the Spectrum Noir blender and I used the Sakura white gel pen.. Fun to do.. The largest I have done using this method is 8x12..

    1. Thanks for all your tips Teri. Got a couple of white pens today. Can't wait to try your technique. Here's a tip from me for adding followers to your blog. Go to top of blog > Design > Layout > Add A Gadget > scroll through list >configure followers list > email subscription > RSS Feed > etc. >etc.There are lots of great gadgets you can easily add to your blog! Hope this helps! :-D